Lovely Weekend at the Desert Art Festival

Swann Freslon pictures - Swann Paints
I looove to go to the Desert during the colder months and enjoy a bit of hot sun. Well, like a lot of people judging by the crowds of people coming from the colder states who land in Palm Springs and all the cities around! 
Do you see the two pictures above? They summarize perfectly the neighborhoods: palm trees, mountains, blue pools, blue sky, a lot of golfers, and a ton of sun!
Well, what I love even more is when I come to the area for my art. After The Southwest Arts Festival in Indio in January, I was back in February for the Desert Art Festival in Rancho Mirage that takes place at The River.
Swann Freslon Picture - Swann Paints
The Desert Art Festival takes place every year in February and drags a lot of art aficionados. I love those encounters, I love chatting with all those very nice collectors and helping them find the perfect artwork that will give this little je-ne-sais-quoi to their beautiful house. Take a tour of my booth to have an idea of what was happening that weekend, and let me know in the comments what you think!
Swann Freslon Art Pictures - Swann Paints

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