Commission a Painting

Murmuration - Painting by Swann Freslon


You love my art, and you would like to hang one of my pieces on your wall, but you don't find anything that fits your space? Or one of my paintings caught your eye but it's not exactly the right dimensions or colors you were envisioning?

Contact me to commission a painting just for you!

How does it work?

Start by browsing my available paintings, whether in real life at a show or online, on my website. That way, you will have a better idea of my style, the colors I use, the dimensions, and the type of movements that make my paintings.

Once you have an idea of the style you would like, contact me and we can talk about your future artwork.

We will chat about what you like, and where you would like to hang the piece (if you already know, but is not mandatory). If you have some pictures to send me of the room where you want to hang your piece of art, please, share them with me. They will give me a better idea of the vibe of your room and the type of colors that would be a good complement. We will also discuss the dimensions. One piece, a diptych, or a triptych? Rectangle, square, or even round? There are a lot of possibilities!

Once we agree on all the details, I will send you a contract and ask for a 50% deposit to start working on that piece. The balance will be due upon completion, before delivery. I will send you emails during the process to keep you updated on where I am in the creation, including some pictures of the painting for final approval before delivery.

My goal is for you to be happy with the process and to love that unique piece of art that you commission. I am doing my best and working hard so you are satisfied with the result.

Making a commission is a demanding process that I particularly enjoy. The entire process takes one to two months to complete. And, because I want to ensure that every piece gets my full attention, I only do a limited number of commissions yearly. So, don't wait too long to reach out, and let's start working on that fabulous new custom piece of art that will very soon complement your esthetics!

If you would like to know even more about the entire process, I also wrote an article that describes it. Have a look here!

To contact me, it's here.