4 thoughtful tips on buying art

Oasis - Painting by Swann Freslon

Buying art can be tricky when you are not necessarily a well-versed art collector or don't benefit from the advice of a gallery. You can spend more time in museums, exhibitions, opening events, galleries, and art fairs, follow some Instagram feeds, etc. Or you can also not intellectualize the approach too much (this is the way I see my art) and just go with your gut.

1. If you love it, buy it (otherwise, someone else will)

I used to have a sign on a chalkboard at my booth that was saying pretty much the same. This is the sign I had. 

Swann Freslon picture - Life is short, drink the wine, eat the dessert, buy the art

It resumes quite well the idea of buying art: life is short, drink the wine, eat the dessert, buy the art!

If you start to wonder "should I buy it?", you will probably not. And that question applies to pretty much everything in life. We don't need much to live. But we need a lot to be alive!

Yes, the colors of the painting will not necessarily match your couch. Your partner will maybe not agree 100% with your choice. And so what? If this adds value to your life and brings anything positive into your life, then you should get it!

Paintings are about emotions, enjoying colors, seizing the day, and living for the moment.

2. It will fit

I don't know how many times I heard "I don't have any more space on my walls..." Well, good problem and, … wrong statement! You always have space on your walls, you just need to prioritize or do like one of my friends who rotates her art when the season changes. She cannot stop buying art, she cannot stop buying beauty!

Swann Freslon Painting Golden Age

So, if you like that painting you will find a spot for it in your space. And chances are that the artist (me) has enough selection of sizes that you will find the perfect one for your perfect spot. And if not, you can ask for a commission and have a piece made just for you (I do that too!).

3. You will find something for your budget

Oh, art can be expensive. It can truly be, like multiple houses crazy expensive!

But it doesn't need to be. I am all about affordable art. You don't need to be a multimillionaire to enjoy your piece of art. And it doesn't need to be crazy expensive to have value.

Swann Freslon Painting Raspberry Coffee Table

Art comes in multiple sizes. And multiple sizes mean multiple pricing. Look for it and you will find the right piece for your budget.

Art can bring so much joy that we should all be able to enjoy some at home.

4. It inspires you

Art is not only what we see with our eyes, the cat painting on the wall, the flower sculpture, or the Golden Gate Bridge picture. It is so much more than that!

Swann Freslon Painting The Blue Path

It is what our mind sees, it is what pulls you into a different space and time. It can be the tool that will raise awareness, will improve our senses. It is that little spark, the fuel that inspires us to make a change and challenge the status quo, whatever it is.

For all those reasons, and even more, you should buy art!

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