Why Abstract Art is so Fascinating


I wanted to write about Abstract Art for a long time now.

When I show my art at art fairs or art festivals, I always end up having some conversations about abstract art, what is it to see, and what is it to understand. And some people struggle with the idea of this type of art that is not like the other ones, this idea of not seeing what someone else will see. And that is for me, one of the reasons why Abstract Art is so fascinating!


Historically, abstract art has been around for over a century and it has continued to evolve over time. Early pioneers of the movement, such as Wassily Kandinsky and Kazimir Malevich (and more recently Hilma af Klint: more on her soon. She is fascinating!), used geometric shapes and bold colors to create works that were meant to convey a sense of spirituality and transcendence. Later artists, such as Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko, experimented with techniques that allowed for a more organic and fluid approach to abstraction. Those masters of impressionism, post-impressionism, and cubism helped us realize that art might not be representative.


And this is what abstract art is all about using shapes, forms, colors, and textures to drag the viewer into emotions and ideas. As an abstract artist, I do not create recognizable objects or forms, or figures. I do not want you to see a specific meaning in my art. I use color, form, movement, depth, and composition, to create a visual experience, and to create emotions in you.


Abstract art is all about freedom. You don't necessarily need to be well experienced or skilled in that type of art to appreciate it. You can assign your own meaning to it. Your appreciation of an abstract art piece will be based on your own personal process, experience, and, emotions. It allows for a wide range of possible interpretations: not two people will see the piece the same way. Its interpretation is as infinite as there are viewers.

And it is also a powerful tool for self-expression. Because I am not constrained by representation, I can use color, forms, movements, and texture to explore my own emotions and experiences in a deeply personal way.


It is freedom, freedom of reacting to what speaks to you and to your soul. Deeply, movingly deeply! Have a look at my statement to give you another perspective on how I see my art.

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